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Das Amulett

Manufacturer: Goldsieber
Designer: Alan R Moon; Aaron Weissblum
Year: 2001
Source: import
Number of Players: 3 - 6
Time to Play: 1 - 2 hours
Ages: 12+


Who hasn't wanted to be a real wizard? No training necessary--here the players are already experienced magicians. A contest to find the greatest wizard is initiated and the winner is the one who first finds all the jewels for his amulet, thereby filling it with its magical powers. To ensure that no one has an unfair advantage, they have decided to perform the search together. The new High Wizard should not only be a good conjurer, he must also be wise and able to get along with the people of the land. The use of magic during the competition has therefore been strictly regulated. Not only will the spells lose their effect after short time, they have also agreed to limit the number of spells allowed. And to top it all off, the wizards must still bargain for the desired jewels with the locals as if they were common hucksters! Since the players must economize, they must achieve a fine balance between what is to their own advantage and what is necessary for the common interest for all players. A hard school for budding High Wizards!

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2001 Spiel des Jahres - Finalist

2001 Deutscher SpielePreis - 10th place

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