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Manufacturer: White Wind
Designer: Alan R Moon
Year: 1994
Number of Players: 2 - 6
Time to Play: about 1 hours
Ages: 10+


You've been training your dogs for almost a year, ever since last year's race. Now you stand at the start line, a wolf howling in the distance, your breath visible in the cold air, your heart already racing, the dogs straining in their harness, the expectant crowd lined up on both sides of the street. The gun fires. "Mush, mush," you cry. The race has begun.

Mush recreates the excitement and challenge of an Alaskan dog sled race. Players take the role of mushers who must race over a thousand miles through different types of weather, over rough terrain, and around avalanches. While speed is important, players must also rest their dogs as often as possible, or themselves become exhausted and stuck in the wilderness. Speed, caution, enough rest, a little luck, all will be necessary to reach the finish line first.

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