New Games


New Games

This page showcases games that have recently been released.

Im Schatten des Sonnenkönigs

The players are dukes at the court of King Louis XIV. In the shadow of the Sun King they strive for as much power and gold as possible in the form of cards and chips, which are laid out openly before the players. Each player tries to achieve the card majority in five characteristics. These characteristics can be used to one's own benefit and against the fellow players. In the end the player with the most victory points wins. Victory points are awarded for blue cards, gold chips, and power chips.


Canal Grande

Venice is in its heyday. In the Council of Ten, the old established families are fighting for power, influence and the office of doge (head of state of Venice 697-1797). By using spies and traitors cleverly, they try to win votes in the different districts of the city--only with the districts' support can one become the most powerful man in Venice.


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